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Slideshow: Bad parenting

A look at some mommies who aren’t dear and fathers who really don’t know best.

Slideshow: Problem parents

The legal troubles of celebrities’ parents.

Slideshow: Breach of trust — killer parents

When a child goes missing, investigators often don’t have to look far from the family home to find their suspect.

Mayhem at Florida Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

A child’s birthday party held on March 16, 2013, at a Chuck E. Cheese in Boynton Beach, Florida, turned violent leading to an 18-man brawl, a trampled granny and three drug arrests, one arrestee being the birthday boy’s mother.

Father Leaves Baby at Liquor Store, Returns Drunk, It Only Gets Worse From There

…and the award for best father of 2012 will not be going to Kenneth Rowe of Daytona Beach, Fla., who forgot his infant at a liquor store, and returned too drunk to walk home.

Boy, 5, Asked Deputies to Watch Him and His Little Sisters

When deputies knocked on a Florida door, a boy, 5, answered saying, "Policemen mommy is not here, I watching my sisters. Can you watch us now?" There were two other children in the apartment, ages 3 and 2, but no adult.

Chastity DuFour Allegedly Beats Toddler Blind

Chastity DuFour is accused of abusing her boyfriend’s son, 3, while he was in her care. The toddler was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on May 29 after suffering a seizure, and wound up in the ICU covered from head to toe with bruises, partially blinded, with retinal hemorrhaging and brain damage.

Pregnant DUI Double Feature

In unrelated incidents, two pregnant women have been arrested this week for allegedly driving drunk with a small child in the car.

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