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Florida Mom kept son up all night with her partying

In a twisted Freaky Friday sort of case, a Marin County Florida woman was arrested after allegedly keeping her teenage son up all night with her wild partying. The son was late to school, and had to be driven there by deputies.

Slideshow: Problem parents

The legal troubles of celebrities’ parents.

Update: Boy, 10, who took parents’ car to go to grandma’s, at it again

Two weeks ago, a Norwegian boy claimed to be a dwarf without his license after he took his little sister for a ride to grandma’s house in their parents’ car, and ran off the snowy road. He’s done it again, this time with a relative’s car, and this time no one is laughing.

Police: Mom huffing ‘whippets’ passed out with baby in car

Sarasota, Florida, mom Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, is facing charges of child neglect after police reportedly found her with several spent nitrous oxide cartridges in, around and under her in the car, and her son, 1, asleep in the back seat.

Video: No charges for woman who smacked baby bump with hammer

When Sean Hanlon, the now-ex husband of a very pregnant Heather Thorpe, showed police this video of her hitting her unborn child with a claw hammer, police in Birmingham, England, decided that no crime had been committed and declined to press charges — or even investigate.

Police: Baby Sitting Grandma Got Drunk in Street, Tried to Give Away Grandchild

A Sacramento, California, grandma allegedly made the mistake this week of mixing vodka with babysitting, and reportedly tried to give away her grandchild to a stranger before the day was over.

VIDEO: Teen Gives Birth on Street?

Earlier this month we brought you a feature called Where People are Leaving their Dead Infants 2013. This week we bring you a disturbing video that shows a Turkish teen being helped down the street by her parents, giving birth on the sidewalk and pausing only a moment to look before leaving her newborn. Or did she just dump it? You decide.

Five Things Not to Do With Your Baby

There are a lot of things you can do with your baby. You can dress him up as a pumpkin, tickle his feet, feed him mashed carrots and take him for runs in one of those all-terrain strollers. There are also a lot of things you should never, ever do with your baby. These are five of those things.

Baby Hospitalized After Spending Hour in Freezer; Father Charged

A Washington State dad couldn’t handle his baby girl’s crying, so he allegedly put the infant in the freezer and took a nap.

VIDEO: Man Arrested for Letting Son, 9, Drive the Ferrari

The award for Indulgent Parent of the Year may just go to successful rich person Mohammed Nisham of Kerala, India, who was arrested after he let his son, 9, drive his Ferrari and immortalized the event by posting it on

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