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Police chief to cops: Stop lying about 911 calls

The Police Chief in Durham, North Carolina, banned the practice of inventing a 911 call to gain entry to search. For example, an officer knocks and says there was a 911 call from that house. The tenant grants entry without a warrant, and officers use the opportunity to search for incriminating items to arrest the tenant.

Blue on blue murder: Madness and betrayal in the NOPD

Officer Antoinette Frank stood in the cramped kitchen of the Kim Anh restaurant, where she moonlit as a security guard. The 9mm pistol clutched in her hand was pointed at the owner’s children, who were kneeling in terror on the floor. Frank fired nine rounds into them.

Firefighter cuffed, held while helping accident victims

A California firefighter has made headlines by responding to a serious accident on February 4, 2014, following protocol, attempting to help victims, and getting himself cuffed and held by CHPs officers for his trouble.

The complete list: Most crooked cops of all-time

There are bad cops stories here and there, but ever wonder who might be on the worst cops of all-time list? Here’s the crooked cop Hall of Fame.

Gerard Schaefer, Former Cop and Serial Killer

On July 24, 1972, this deputy sheriff was released on bail pending trial for the assault of two teenagers. While on bail he killed two young women. Police ultimately linked this psychopath to 30 missing women.

‘Cannibal Cop’ Convicted of Conspiracy to Kill and Eat Women

On March 12, 2013, NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle, 28, was convicted by a jury of his peers on charges of conspiring to kidnap, kill, cook and eat women, and not necessarily in that order. During the trial his lawyer argued that Valle’s cannibalism fetish was an online fantasy, and no more.

Fired Cop Goes on Revenge Killing Spree, Manhunt in Progress

Former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner has killed three near Los Angeles after vowing in an online manifesto to take revenge against those responsible for his 2008 termination. A large-scale manhunt for Dorner is underway in Southern California and Nevada where he is believed to be at large. He is well armed and extremely dangerous.

Third Police Officer Indicted in Homeless Man Beating Death

The now-infamous surveillance tape of the deadly police beating of homeless Kelly Thomas showed it was Officer Joseph Wolfe who struck first with his baton. Two Fullerton policemen, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, have already been indicted in relation to the July 5, 2011 incident, and yet, Wolfe avoided criminal charges — until now.

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