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Devil baby haunting streets of New York

Ok, it’s a marketing prank, not a real devil baby–whatever that might be. But it looks pretty demonic and it’s scaring a lot of people in NYC. The baby was built by viral marketing agency Thinkmodo and the video is a promotion for upcoming horror film Devil’s Due.

Chinese Infant Castrated in Monkey Attack

It’s questionable whether one can ever really know why a monkey would do such a thing, but it is probably relevant that despite zoo keepers feeding the monkeys three times daily, people often break the rules and bring food for them anyway. That being said, what happened next may not be a total surprise.

Prosecutor: Infant Died From Punch to the Face

A young High Point, N.C., couple is behind bars after their 2-week-old infant was found unresponsive at their home Tuesday. Police determined that the child, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital, “died as a result of a criminal homicide.”

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