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Man’s ‘Ghost Cam’ Revealed Girlfriend was Sexing up his Son, 16

An amateur ghost chaser in Tasmania, Australia, decided to set up a video camera in his kitchen to catch evidence of ghosts on film. Thanks to his live-in girlfriend and baby momma, 28, whose name is being withheld, he will never know if his house is haunted.

Ivan Milat: Australia’s Notorious Backpacker Killer

In the 1990s, the bodies of seven young backpackers were discovered in Belanglo State Forest, a 9,400-acre wood in New South Wales, Australia. The bodies, each riddled with stab wounds, had been posed face-down with loose hut-like structures of sticks constructed over them. The killings, which became known as the Backpacker Murders, were discovered to be the work of Ivan Milat, an Australian man with a prior history of abduction and rape.

Serial Killer Won’t Stop Cross-Dressing Despite Prison Orders

The family of 17-year-old murder victim Natalie Russell are outraged that her killer continues to dress as a woman in prison. Paul Denyer, who now goes by Paula, is serving three consecutive life sentences in Australian prison for the murders of three young women.

Australia’s ‘Dr. Death’ Out on Bail

Dr. Jayant Patel’s medical competence has been a subject of debate both in the U.S. and Australia for the last 25 years. Convicted in 2010 on three counts of manslaughter for three patient deaths, Patel surprised the world by winning a retrial and being exonerated on one of the manslaughter charges.

Could a Serial Killer’s Great-Nephew be Responsible for Unsolved Murder?

Police in Australia have not ruled out the possibility that an unidentified woman nicknamed “Angel,” whose remains were found in Belanglo State Forest two years ago, was the victim of Matthew Milat. Milat, 17, is the great-nephew of Ivan Milat, a convicted serial killer who killed seven young hikers in Belanglo forest in the 1990s. The younger Milat is himself a convicted killer — earlier this year he was sentenced to 43 years for murdering his friend David Auchterlonie with an axe in the same forest.

Missing Child Matthew Allen Found in Bad Shape

Matthew Allen, 18, of Westleigh, Australia, who was reported missing by his mother on November 27, 2012, has been found. Lucky to be alive after two months of extreme heat in the bushland, the teen was emaciated, dehydrated, blinded, gangrenous, covered in leeches and would likely not have survived much longer.

Update: Serial Killer Peter Dupas’ Appeal Dismissed

The judges ruled on December 22, 2012, that the trial judge made no errors allowing witness testimony in the murder trial of Mersina Halvagis. The Halvagis family breathed a sigh of relief as the decision was read.

VIDEO: Man Sets Tattoo Parlor, Self on Fire

This video recorded by security cameras at Skin Deep Tattoo in Sydney, Australia, shows a man entering the parlor, pouring accelerant all over the floor and lighting a match. The parlor goes up in flames, and so do the man’s pants.

Police Warn of Apple Maps’ ‘Life-Threatening’ Glitch

It seems that Apple phones have switched from Google Maps to Apple Maps, with some embarrassing, and "life-threatening" consequences. Australian police have confirmed that the Apple maps software when used with iOS 6 shows Mildura, a city of 30,000, in the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park — about 44 miles off the mark and in the Australian bush.

Update: Serial Killer’s Attempt to Block TV Miniseries Denied

Peter Norris Dupas’ court filing to suppress a re-airing of TV series Killing Time, in case he gets a retrial in the Mersina Halvagis case, was denied last week.