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The story of Kathleen Folbigg, the mother who killed her 4 children

Like father like daughter. Kathleen Folbigg’s father murdered her mother early in her life. So later, when her own children started dying, investigators didn’t believe it was from natural causes. They set out to prove that she was a murderer too, just like her father.

Video: Simon Gittany before and after his girlfriend fell to her death

Surveillance video of the moments surrounding the alleged murder of Lisa Harnum by her partner Simon Gittany. Here we see the before and the after. His trial focuses on the 69 seconds not shown in this video.

Your Daily Creepout: X-ray of man who forked himself for ‘gratification’

A man in Canberra, Australia, showed up in the emergency room in early August 2013, with “bleeding urethral meatus” and a 4-inch fork shoved up inside it.

Harry Potter Book Used to Smuggle LSD

A drug smuggler is caught and extradited to New Zealand after attempting to smuggle LSD inside a Harry Potter book.

Police in Western Australia in Search of Drunken Pig

Police in Port Hedland, Western Australia, are reportedly searching for a pig that broke into a camping couple’s cooler during the night and drank 18 of their beers. He may be irritable, hungover and probably has a pounding headache.

Azaria Chamberlain: A Cry In The Night Part 1 Of 3

On August 17, 1980, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain took their infant daughter, Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain, only 10 weeks old, camping at Ayers Rock. During the night the child disappeared; her body was never found. The Chamberlains believed that a wild dingo had taken their baby, but police would not accept their story, and had them arrested. It would take more than three decades for the truth to completely emerge.

Southern Australia Man Drove Someone Else’s Car Home — Oops

A man on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia in the small town Stansbury, population 543, reported his car stolen after he left it on July 18, 2013, parked outside a shop, with doors unlocked, keys in the ignition and the engine running.

Today in Crime History: Australia’s Dr. Death Jayant Patel Sentenced

On June 29, 2010, Jayant Patel, implicated in as many as 17 patient deaths, was found guilty in four and sentenced to a mere 7 years in prison.

Australian Man Sentenced for Stomping Girlfriend to Death

Sean Lee King, 27, of Sydney, Australia, was convicted on drug and firearms offenses in April 2011, but immediately granted parole for time served while he awaited trial on separate assault charges. During that time he brutally beat his girlfriend Jazmin-Jean Ajbschitz, 18, to death in her apartment.

Gunn-Britt Ashfield: Mother Gives a Brutal Beating

IN 1993, 6-year-old John Ashfield was beaten to death. His mother, Gunn-Britt Ashfield instructed her other children, who witnessed the horrific abuse, to tell anyone who asked that John was attacked by a gang of teenage boys.