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Slideshow: Remembering the Aurora shooting victims

A look at the lives and personalities of the 12 victims who were killed during the July 20, 2012, massacre at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater.

Mass and spree murders of 2012

Chardon school shooter T.J. Lane, ¬†who pleaded guilty to avoid death and then told victims’ families in court, “The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory,” is appealing his life sentence without possibility of parole, after a failed appeal attempt. A look back the other mass murders and spree shootings of 2012.

Mapping Tragedy: An Interactive Map of the Public Place Shootings of 2012

The past year has been rife with tragedy. Many communities throughout the country–most memorably Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut–have been shattered by shootings that claimed the lives of dozens of people. Crime Library has put together an interactive map of the public place shootings of 2012.

Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for James Holmes in 2014 Trial

James Holmes killed 12 people and injured another 58 during his shooting rampage at a screening of “The Dark Knight.” Now Holmes faces death himself at the hands of the state.

Founder of Charity for At-Risk Youth Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

The town of Aurora, Co., is once again in the headlines, this time as the location for the arrest of Richard Koca, 69, the founder of StandUp for Kids, a not-for-profit volunteer organization that reaches out to homeless kids and teens. Koca is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child.

Colorado Man Arrested for Carrying Weapon to the Movies

James Mapes of Northglen, Colo. was arrested Sunday after terrorized Colorado movie patrons ran screaming from the theaters, claiming that there was an armed man inside.

Cinema Shooting Survivor Posts Photos of Bullet Wound

A Reddit user who says he was shot during the deadly massacre that unfolded during the midnight premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in suburban Denver, Colorado, has posted photos of his injury. Warning: Contains images of blood.

Suspect Photo Released in Colorado Cinema Massacre

Authorities have identified the suspect in the deadly shooting that took place during the midnight premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at a Century 16 movie theater in suburban Denver, Co. Police say James Eagan Holmes, 24, was acting along when he killed 12 people and injured at least 50 others.

VIDEO: 12 Dead, Over 50 Wounded in Colorado Cinema Shooting

A witness present during the deadly shooting that took place last night during the premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at an Aurora, CO cinema has posted a video taken right after a gunman shot 14 people dead and injured 50.

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