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These are the 12 people who died at the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting

A look at the lives and personalities of the twelve people who died in the 2012 mass shooting at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

FBI Investigates Facebook Invitation to a Spree Killing

Well some folks just can’t get enough spree murder in one summer! So, it seems one Facebook user thought to extend the fun through to the fall with an invitation to a killing spree. Of the 187 invitees, 37 planned to attend.

Employee Opens Fire in a New Jersey Supermarket, Kills Two

Two were killed in an Old Bridge, New Jersey Pathmark supermarket when an employee opened fire with an AK-47 killing two coworkers before turning the gun on himself. Investigators do not yet know the shooter’s motive.

Disgruntled Former Employee Shoots Co-Worker

A workplace-related dispute in New York erupted into mass shooting and homicide today when Jeffrey Johnson, 58, shot and killed Steven Ercolino, 41, the man who allegedly had him fired from his job at Hazan Import Corp. in 2011.

Meet the Holmies, Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes’s Creepy Online Fanclub

Like the many serial killers and mass murderers who have been fetishized before him, James Holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in last month’s horrific shooting in an Aurora, Co., movie theater, now has his own slew of adoring fans. They call themselves Holmies, and gather on Tumblr to obsess over all things Holmes.

Moviegoer Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Butt

A Sparks, Nev., man, 56, was enjoying s screening of The Bourne Legacy in a downtown area theater, on August 14, 2012, when the handgun he was carrying discharged and shot him in the butt. No one else was hurt.

Update: Sikh Temple Shooter Killed Himself

The FBI announced today that video shows that Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page was only wounded by police, and that he took his own life by shooting himself in the head.

Arrested Minnesota Man Rants to Police: ‘I Would Do What Holmes Did’

Thomas Michael Casper, 56, was arrested after a simple noise complaint became weird and disturbing. Police believe he would follow through on threats to police and neighbors.

Man Arrested After Causing Panic at ‘Dark Knight’ Showing

Moviegoers fled a Miami Beach theater during an early Tuesday showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ trying to escape what some believed was another shooting in the style of the recent Aurora tragedy. According to witnesses, a man wearing black gloves yelled the words “this is it!” from the back of the packed theater toward the end of the film.

Former Trooper Accidentally Shoots Self in Mall Dressing Room

In the wake of the Aurora movie theater shootings, other shoppers are not amused.

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