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Prosecutors: Man tried to kill woman for her seeming ‘happiness’

The image of happiness projected by a passing mother and child allegedly filled a man with an irresistible homicidal rage.

Teen couple attempts murder of parents, changes mind

In an all too common occurrence these days, Yaquelin Galvez-Don, 13, and her boyfriend, Pedro Solis, 15, wanted to be together, and when her parents opposed it, decided that the only way they could be happy was if her parents were dead. Thankfully, however, this couple, had a change of heart during the crime, and did not go through with the murders.

Accused of Sex Crime against 7-Year-Old, Boy, 15, Attempts to Murder Victim

A shocking story is emerging from the Hudson Valley region of New York State. Police say a 15-year-old boy attempted to murder a 7-year-old girl who accused him of a sex crime.

Spurned Lover Attacked Woman in University Class with Axe, Killed Self

A case of unrequited love in India ended in a bloody campus assault and suicide when a male student entered a classroom armed with an axe, a knife, poison and a pistol, singled out the female student, who he felt had snubbed him, attacked her with the axe and then slit his own throat.

Woman Accused of Gouging Out Mother’s Eyes ‘Was Trying to Kill the Cat’

Typical Fourth of July crimes usually involve booze, fireworks and fighting—the aftermath of too much fun in the sun, but the horrific events that allegedly unfolded at the Lake Worth, Fla., home of Ferna Quesner on the night of July Fourth had nothing to do with festivities or celebration.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served …with Poisoned Cheese?

Battleboro, North Carolina, woman Tiara Drake, an immature 24 year old, is facing attempted murder charges after poisoning her family’s favorite cheese in an act of retribution for their refusal to give her a piece the day before.

‘Walking Dead’ Fanboy Arrested for Shooting Girlfriend in Zombie Argument

Yes, it’s the old Could a zombie apocalypse really happen? debate gone horribly wrong. What started as a debate became a verbal argument, then a text argument, and escalated to gunfire and a trip to the hospital.

Dying Man Names Rapist Who Burned Him Alive

Robbie Middleton was eight when he was raped and a couple of weeks later, the same attacker poured gasoline over his face and set him on fire to silence him. He was barely kept alive with skin grafts and several hundred operations during what remained of his short, painful life. He died at 21 of skin cancer brought on by his injuries. Before he died, however, Robbie decided that he was going to protect other innocent victims from the depraved monster responsible for his then-imminent death.

Women Tackle Man Who Tried to Throw Boys in Front of Train

Two women who chose to remain anonymous are being hailed as heroes after stopping a man from throwing two boys in front of an oncoming train.

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