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Sex Offender Charged With Killing Elderly Couple, Raping Young Girl

A 2-year-old girl was spending Saturday night with her great-grandparents while her parents and older brother went to the movies. When her father came back, he found his grandparents dead and their alleged killer still in the house.

VIDEO: A Victim of Domestic Violence

A young woman agrees to go on camera to talk about the injuries she sustained at the hands of her children’s father. According to cameraman Larry Mellick, who has a channel dedicated to emergency room procedures, the woman sustained a deep 3 cm forehead laceration that required stitches. She also suffered severe bruising and was choked to unconsciousness during the assault.

‘Worst Guy Ever’ Goes to Prison for 30 Years

David Richardson’s ex-girlfriend turned victim called him a “monster.” Richardson referred to himself as “the worst guy ever” at a court hearing. Now he’s going to prison for over three decades for the violence he brought upon his ex; violence that still keeps her awake at night.

VIDEO: Philly Police Reach out to Public for Help in Assault Case

Philadelphia Police are seeking to identify two individuals recorded by surveillance camera in connection with an aggravated assault with a handgun that occurred on April 22, 2013, around 6:45 p.m. near the corner of the 3300 block of North 16th street.

Woman Slapped With Battery Charge After Tweeting About Shoe Attack

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A woman in Fort Pierce, Florida, was arrested after bragging about a high-heel shoe attack on Twitter.

Man Set on Fire Christmas Day

Police are searching for answers in the arson attack on a Miami, Fla., man December 25, 2012. Darrell Brackett, 44, who was reportedly filling a gas can Christmas night when he was attacked and set on fire, remains in critical condition with third-degree burns to 75% of his body.

Angry Young Man Allegedly Beat up Old Man for Being Old

In a violent outburst that makes you wonder if his parents just announced that they would be charging him rent, California man Russell Rodgers, 32, was arrested November 26, 2012, after assaulting an elderly man, Bill Bayless, 74, in a Burger King bathroom.

Man Accused of Beating Father Over Missed Dinner

Mark Morin of Pasco County, Florida, arrived at his father’s house and asked him when the pot roast dinner in the oven would be ready. The father told his son that he had missed dinner, so Morin allegedly head butted him several times and punched him in the chest.

Chasing the Devil: How Not to Have an Exorcism

Exorcisms first captured the attention of Americans in 1971 with the release of William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist. Many since have tried their hand at casting out demons that they believe are possessing their loved ones, resorting to violence and inflicting psychological and physical damage. The following cases present some powerful examples of ways not to perform and exorcism, unless you want to go to jail.

Assault Charge for Teen Allegedly Caught on Tape Punching Bus Driver

Last week, police in Kansas City, Mo., released a videoshowing a male teenager sucker punching a bus driver, knocking him unconscious. Police have arrested a suspect in the case — Michael Cubie Jr., 18, has been charged with assault with intent to commit bus hijacking, a class C felony, and misdemeanor assault.

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