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Slideshow: Fire starters

Some people are fascinated with fire, others believe it will destroy the evidence of their crimes, still others use fire as a simple and direct way to express rage. A look in photos at some notable cases of attacks with fire, many of them fatal.

Slideshow: Crimes of the Juggalos

Some hardcore fans of the horrorcore rap duo Insane Clown Posse have been linked to serious violent crimes. Are they taking the lyrics too literally?

Celebtrity rage

A review of Hollywood’s most irate.

Woman who slapped her alleged groper convicted of assault

A Swedish court recently ruled that a woman, who slapped the acquaintance she claims pinched her buttock, was essentially overreacting, and that the man was in fact her victim. It is not known if she reacted to the verdict by slapping the judge.

Friends in need: Good people who stood up to crime

A look at what good can come of regular folks standing up to crime.

Slideshow: Flash mobs and flash robs

Organized, overwhelming and, often, gone in 60 seconds.

Slideshow: Demotivators

They may claim to help you face your fear, find yourself and achieve inner peace, but they have problems of their own. A look in photos at some motivational speakers’ legal troubles.

Seven tips to surviving a night of karaoke

Karaoke fans are so serious about their craft that karaoke-inspired murders and assaults are more common than one might think. In fact, in some joints singing a Sinatra-inspired version of the classic My Way is likely to get you killed. This review of some of the most well-known cases of karaoke violence, however, provides some karaoke survival tips that we can all live with.

Meth-Fueled ‘BDSM’ Tryst Ends in Trip to ER, Arrest

A Phoenix, Ariz., man who dropped his bleeding, injured wife off at the emergency room on July 21, 2013, was arrested after police found an array of bloody bondage equipment in their bedroom. The wife, who admitted to having smoked a little meth that day, said she was assaulted by a demon.

Today in Crime History: Grand Jury Indicts Amy Fisher

On May 29, 1992, a grand jury indicted Amy Fisher on charges of attempted murder in the second degree, criminal use of a firearm in the first degree, armed felony and assault. Amy, nicknamed the “Long Island Lolita,” famously shot her lover’s wife.

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