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Trapped student rescued from giant ‘vagina’

Summer is upon us, and tourists all over the world are doing really stupid stuff and getting themselves into trouble. Today we present the unnamed American exchange student who, while abroad in Germany, required the help of 22 rescue workers to extricate him from the statue of a vagina, in which he inserted himself on a dare.

Interview with Anji Marth, painter of serial killers and crime scenes

Artist Anji Marth, who has painted a series of striking serial killer portraits, spoke to Crime Library about her work, her favorite true crime stories and why she’s fascinated by the dangerous and depraved.

Cleaning woman mistakes art exhibit for trash, throws it out

Organizers for an art show that opened today in Bari, Italy, are mourning the destruction of two pieces of art after a well-intentioned cleaning woman threw them out thinking they were trash left over by those who set up the show. One of the exhibits consisted of cookie crumbs scattered on the floor.

The prison artwork of Michael Skakel

Michael Skakel has been painting while he’s been away in prison. He’s created some “Food Pornography for Prisoners,” and it looks delicious.

John Wayne Gacy’s Sex Skull & other paintings

While in prison, serial killer and rapist John Wayne Gacy took up painting. He was actually pretty good at it, focusing mainly on self portraits — with and without his notorious clown costume. One painting stands out as particularly creepy — a skull, adorned by a clown collar, made of naked bodies in sexual positions.

Famous NY Crime Scene Photographs with Current-Day Locations

A news photographer has published a captivating collection of photos showing historic crimes and accidents in their current New York City environs.

The Greatest Art Heists of All Time takes a look at the world’s most sensational art thefts. From the Gardner heist, where 13 paintings were savagely cut out of their frames to the multiple robberies of the Van Gogh Museum, what we find surprising is how frequently art crimes go unsolved.

The Beautiful Place in Every Prison

If you’ve never had a loved one incarcerated, you may not know about the special background images that most prisons have on a wall for inmates to pose with family members. These images often depict a forest, skyline or sunset view and allow prisoners to pose with their kids or family so that they can have “normal” family photos. Artist Alyse Emdur traveled the country documenting these walls.

We Love this Artist’s Photos of Tiny Crime Scenes

Corinne May Botz is a New York City artist who has photographed a collection of miniature crime scenes used to train police detectives. They’re haunting and awesome.

Serial Killer Art, Therapy With a Profit Motive

Whether created out of boredom, greed, or for purposes of therapy, violent offenders find a ready market for their drawings, paintings, poetry and songs.

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