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Man Who Wanted Fresh Start Allegedly Tried to Burn Family to Death

Armin Wand’s wife was reportedly always complaining about wanting more money, so he did the logical thing: set the house on fire with his wife, three sons and daughter inside. When his wife handed him the daughter she rescued, he allegedly tried to put the toddler back inside.

Container Labeled ‘Cyanide’ Found in Car of Suspected Courtroom Suicide

New information has been released in the case of Michael Marin, 53, the Former Wall Street banker suspected of killing himself in court on June 29 after being found guilty of arson. Marin, 53, a one-time millionaire who burned down his house after being unable to pay for it, faced a 15 3/4 year sentence.

Man ‘In the Mood for a Midnight Fire’ Allegedly Burns Down Church

Independence, Mo., man Joseph W. Gazafy Jr. was arrested on charges of second-degree arson after he allegedly set the Church of Jesus Christ Outreach Restoration Branch on fire. After confessing he allegedly told an officer "Can I be free? I think I should be able to burn down a church."

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