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Slideshow: Mugshot model search

Some of the prettiest faces to ever pose for the police camera.

Slideshow: Beauty queens in trouble

Concrete evidence that you can’t always rely on your good looks to get you out of trouble.

Georgia man arrested for charging car at public school

With the proliferation of electric vehicles comes new questions about where it’s ok to charge — one man found out the hard way after he was arrested for charging his Nissan Leaf at a public school.

Slideshow: Stripper trouble

Interesting cases of strippers who got in trouble by the law.

Happy Thanksgiving! Check out our crime buffet of holiday weirdness

You can give thanks this Thanksgiving that none of this crazy stuff happened to you.

Slideshow: Bad clowns under arrest

A look at clowns’ legal troubles. Warning: This gallery contains images of clowns and may be disturbing to some readers.

Slideshow: Crooked cops

From officers passed-out drunk while driving their cruisers, to prescription-drug scams, to simple abuse of authority; we present a rogue’s gallery of bent cops.

Slideshow: World’s dumbest criminals

From the flasher in a bookstore for the blind, to the inebriated robber who can’t find the way out of the home he is robbing, to the guy who tried to cash a forged check for $1,000,000, these cases prove inconclusively that you just can’t fix stupid.

Slideshow: Scandalous evangelists

Followers of Family Radio owner Harold Camping were warned to prepare for the end of the world on Oct 21, 2011, postponed from the original date of May 21. A look in photos at some dubious shepherds who led their flocks astray.

Slideshow: Busted in the buff

From a nude unicycle rider, to a robber wearing only chocolate, to an unclad couple in the drive through at McDonald’s, there are 8 million stories in the naked city…these are but a few.

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