Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods

Good neighbors? Not really.

A look in photos at some people you wouldn’t want living next door.

Slideshow: Catchin’ flies

Not everyone can manage a smile for the police cameras.

Slideshow: Faking it

Twenty outrageous cases of impersonation and false representation.

Most notable academic crimes and misdemeanors

Professors who fell hard from their ivory towers.

Slideshow: World’s worst vacations

From prison, to parasites, to acts of God; some dream vacations quickly turned nightmarish, becoming hands-down the worst vacations on record.

Slideshow: Frequent flyers

A career in crime can give you one heck of a makeover. Witness the changing faces of some frequent arrestees over the years.

Slideshow: What a drag

Cross-dressing criminals.

Slideshow: Jailers jailed

Corrections officers, prison guards and jail deputies who found themselves on the wrong side of the bars.

Slideshow: Lest ye be judged

Judges whose naughty acts landed them on the wrong side of the gavel.

World’s worst nannies

Would you trust these people with your kids?

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