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How not to spend your Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! If you’re not being stampeded to death, wrestled to the ground by a cop, or leaving your kid in a freezing car, we’d say you’re doing pretty darn good. Better than these folks at least.

Slideshow: Lamest celebrity excuses

Celebs say the darndest things!

Slideshow: Robbers in disguise

Because stockings and ski caps are so 90s.

Slideshow: Jail house rock

Before it became hip for rock musicians to get arrested, these first bad boys — and girl — set the tone for a generation.

Today in Crime History: The world ends, according to radio evangelist Harold Camping

In 1994, Christian Radio host and president of the Family Radio Christian Network Harold Camping told his listeners that the world would end on May 21, 2011. When it didn’t, he adjusted his calculations, and announced that the world would end on October 21, 2011; it didn’t. A look in photos at dubious shepherds who led their flocks astray.

Slideshow: Fire Starters

Some arsonists are fascinated with fire, others believe it will destroy evidence of their crimes, yet many use fire as a simple, direct way to express rage. A look in photos at some notable cases of attacks with fire, many of them fatal.

Slideshow: Crimes of the Juggalos

Some hardcore fans of the horrorcore rap duo Insane Clown Posse have been linked to serious violent crimes. Are they taking the lyrics too literally?

Slideshow: Most Ridiculous Wedding Arrests

There are many who dream about their wedding day. These people will be having nighmares about theirs for years.

Slideshow: Child Stars Behind Bars

Growing up on screen may seem like the good life, but fame and money are no guarantee child stars won’t become troubled adults.

Slideshow: Celebrities’ Kids Arrested

Being the child of a famous person doesn’t put you above the law, much to the chagrin of these celebrity offspring.