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Slideshow: Reality stars arrested

You can love ‘em, you can hate ‘em, but they will not be ignored — either on or off camera. A look in photos at the legal run-ins of reality TV stars, from Little People Big World to the Biggest Loser.

Slideshow: The mugs of summer

Twelve tips for a great summer look (provided you don’t get arrested).

Slideshow: K-9 cops, man’s best friend

They’re dedicated and committed, sometimes to a fault. Ten tales of crime fighting and the K-9 officer.

Slideshow: Nerd alert! When geeks go bad

Nerdy, geeky crimes and misdemeanors that range anywhere from not "user friendly" to downright anti-social.

Friends in need: Good people who stood up to crime

A look at what good can come of regular folks standing up to crime.

Slideshow: Bad hair day

Some very hair-raising offenders.

Slideshow: Pot shots

Celebrities and common folk under arrest for smoking the reefer.

Slideshow: Couples in cuffs

Summer, the season of new love, nuptial love and the kind of love that gets you — arrested, but remember: As much fun as it may be, the couple that gets arrested together may not stay together.

Slideshow: Caught on the web

Oversharing perps whose online activities had them checking in at the precinct.

Slideshow: Demotivators

They may claim to help you face your fear, find yourself and achieve inner peace, but they have problems of their own. A look in photos at some motivational speakers’ legal troubles.