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Drunk Off-Duty Cop in Body Armor Brandishes Gun at Gas Station Clerk

It was a tense situation at the Giant gas station in Tucson, Arizona, where at 3 a.m. June 30, 2013, two drunk men shambled into the gas-station’s convenience store shirtless, each wearing a ballistic vest, one with a pistol. The good news, and the bad news too it would seem, is that police were already on the scene.

Police: Family Drove Dead Mom Around in Van Full of Animals

The husband and two sons of Lola Mae Stout are accused of a crime that shocked Phoenix police. Local Fox affiliate KSAZ reports that husband Alva Stout and sons Alan and Gregory Stout had the body of the 73-year-old woman in a van surrounded by dozens of sickly animals and the accompanying roaches and fleas.

Police: Man Vomits on Dog, Shoots Dog’s Owner and Two Children

If you vomit on someone’s dog, etiquette dictates that you apologize and offer some moist towelettes. What you shouldn’t by any means do, is bust out a gun and open fire.

Today in Crime History: Birth of Serial Killer Charles Schmid

On July 8, 1942, Charles Schmid was born in Tucson. Arizona. The arrogant, narcissistic and wealthy young man earned the moniker Pied Piper for his ability to get the girls to fall for him. Of the many girls from the quiet town that went into the desert with him, however, three never returned.

After Years of Asking for Execution, Arizona’s Serial Shooter Dies in Prison

A man who, along with a partner, terrorized Phoenix with a string of shootings in 2005 and 2006 has been found dead in his prison cell. Dale Hausner and Samuel John Dieteman are believed to have killed eight people and wounded another 20.

Inmate’s 328th Lawsuit: Bad Prison Food Gave Him Tummy Ache

Prison inmate Dale Maisano, 61, currently serving year seven of a 15-year sentence in Arizona’s State Prison Complex in Tucson, has filed suit against the State of Arizona in federal court — again. This is reportedly the 368th suit he has filed against officials and entities of the state government since 1991.

Fetishes Unhinged: Obscene Phone Calls, Peacocks and Poop

Today we proudly present our first edition of Fetishes Unhinged, which we warn, given the nature of crime, may become a regular feature. Meet David Beckmann and Thomas Mettham, peacock and poop fetishists respectively.

VIDEO: Police Arrest Robber Caught on Camera Doing Spectacular Face Plant

Police in Phoenix, Arizona, announced this week that they have identified and arrested the man seen on security camera in April 2013, falling flat on his face in the street as he runs away with a bag of stolen golf clubs.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: La Mesa Street Killings

On the evening of June 24th, 2005, gunshots rang out on La Mesa street in Yuma, Arizona. When police arrived, they found 35-year-old Luis Rios in the backyard, struggling to stay alive after suffering multiple gunshots. He died later at the hospital. Inside the house, police found five more victims, four of them children.

Shawna Forde: Nightmare on the Border

Minuteman activist Shawna Forde claimed to have been racially profiled, falsely arrested and the victim of her controversial politics, but investigation instead revealed a narcissistic personality disorder, strong ties to a drug cartel and the coldblooded murder of a child.

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