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Chardon shooter not adjusting well to prison, files for appeal

Chardon Shooter T.J. Lane may still be as big an ass today as he was the day he gave victims’ families the finger in court saying, “The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory… F— all of you.” Now, Having discovered he doesn’t like prison, he is appealing his sentence.

Convicted Teen Killer Loses Appeal

A woman convicted of brutally murdering a teenage romantic rival in 1991 has once again been denied her appeal. Lisa Michelle Lambert was sentenced to life without parole for stabbing to death Laurie Show, 16.

Update: Serial Killer’s Attempt to Block TV Miniseries Denied

Peter Norris Dupas’ court filing to suppress a re-airing of TV series Killing Time, in case he gets a retrial in the Mersina Halvagis case, was denied last week.

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