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Anthony Sowell: The Cleveland Strangler

The complaints against Sowell, the reports of missing women and the stench around his house went ignored by Cleveland police for years — until a naked woman threw herself through his front window. At that point police did take action, but it was too late for the 11 victims they found moldering in his home.

Attorneys for Ohio Serial Killer Say ‘Media Circus’ Prevented Fair Trial

In an bid to get their client’s death sentence changed to life in prison, attorneys for Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell wrote in a Supreme Court filing, “If anything, calling this case ‘a media circus’ is an understatement. A circus, after all, will eventually leave town. This one remains.”

VIDEO: The Intense Testimony of Vanessa Gay, Anthony Sowell Survivor

Witness Vanessa Gay testifies during serial killer Anthony Sowell’s trial about partying in his house, being violently and repeatedly raped at his hands and seeing a headless body in the house.

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