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Family dog nearly dies from eating girl’s homework

An Englewood, Colorado, family hopes that their dog Reggie learned a lesson after eating the daughter’s homework. This homework was no term paper or take home quiz, as is usually associated with the classic “My dog ate my homework!” excuse; it was a scale model replica of Mt. Haleakala in Maui made of foam and candy.

Police in Chicago search for woman who may have dumped gator at O’Hare

Authorities in Chicago may have a lead on the person who ditched a live, immature alligator at O’Hare airport on November 1. The person in this surveillance still was seen riding a train to the airport with a live, immature alligator under her arm.

Slideshow: When animals turn to a life of crime

From the octopus that snatched a tourist’s camera, to the kangaroo that stalked women and approached them for sex, and even a shoplifting seagull; all the havoc and mayhem of animals turning to a life of crime.

Police officer finds squirrel in dollar store, responds with lethal force

Last month Mountain City police got a call from the local Dollar General about a squirrel in the store. An employee had tried several times to get the disruptive animal out of the store and was seeking help from animal control. The animal control officer was out, so police dispatched a police officer instead — mistake.

Owner Ticketed for Walking ‘Wheelchair’ Bound Cat Unleashed

It seems that authorities in Florida have nothing better to do than ticket handicapped pussycats frolicking in the grass. It’s bad enough that they have clawed, aggressive ducks attacking the elderly at ponds, Diamondback rattlesnakes biting turtle rescuers and large pythons slithering around eating two cats at a time, but disabled pets must be leashed.

California Man Confesses to Stealing Cat While Drunk, Tries to Return it

So what do you do when you sober up only to find that the cute stray cat you thought you were rescuing on your way home last night actually has a collar, a name and probably a worried owner? Why, feed the cat cheese and place the following ad on Craigslist, of course.

Police in Western Australia in Search of Drunken Pig

Police in Port Hedland, Western Australia, are reportedly searching for a pig that broke into a camping couple’s cooler during the night and drank 18 of their beers. He may be irritable, hungover and probably has a pounding headache.

Over 1.5 Million Roaches Released from Breeding Facility in China

Everyone in Dafeng, China, in the eastern province of Jiangsu has a non-stop case of the “willies” after over 1.5 million cockroaches were released from a breading facility into the surrounding area. Officials from the department of disease control are still trying to figure out how to kill them all.

It’s a Bad Week to Be a Dog

As the dog days of summer drag on, police around the country are investigating several senseless canine killings.

Turkey: Israeli Bird Cleared of Spying Allegations and Released

Authorities in Turkey have officially cleared a bird that they had detained amidst allegations that the little guy was spying for Israel. Strangely, this is not the first time they have examined a bird that they suspected of spying for the Israelis. As far as is known, no bats or large flying insects have yet been detained as spies.

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