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Charges Elevated Against Man on Meth who Set Dog on Fire

One bright spot in the sad story of Socks the Chihuahua, who died horribly as a result of being doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by his meth-head owner, is that charges against that owner, Brandon Pierce, have been elevated to felony-level charges.

UC Berkley Law Student to Stand Trial in Senseless Bird Murder

Investigators in Las Vegas are tightening the noose around the neck of accused bird murderer Justin Teixeria and a suspected accomplice in the senseless decapitation of an exotic bird and ensuing game of catch with its remains at the Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife Habitat sanctuary.

Prosecutor: An ‘Unprecedented’ Case of Animal Death and Cruelty

Authorities in Madison County are faced with what is being described as an “unprecedented” case of animal death and animal cruelty discovered on a rural farm some 68 miles outside Indianapolis.

Chinese Porn Junkie Nearly Dies After Putting Eel in His Own Butt

A man nearly died after putting an eel up his butt as he had seen in a porn flick, which apparently had no disclaimer, like: This sex act is being performed by an experienced sex stunt professional; please do not attempt at home. If only this were an isolated event.

Trial Date Set For Woman Accused of Torturing Boyfriend’s Dog to Death With Drano

A Wisconsin woman whose alleged actions against her boyfriend’s dog sparked outrage in her community is due to go to trial in May. Authorities say Sean Janas, 20, intentionally killed her boyfriend’s dog, Mary, in June by poisoning her with Drano, bleach and pills, and then stabbing her.

Police Seek Suspects Who Set Bag of Puppies on Fire

In a stunning case of possible animal abuse in New York, it seems that a garbage bag full of pit-bull mix puppies was set on fire and abandoned after midnight on March 2, 2013.

Man Accused of Starving Animals to Death Pleads Insanity

Brady Decker of Columbia, Maryland, is accused of animal cruelty after 40 dead animals including birds, cats, rabbits, a guinea pig and a snake, were found dead in the home he once shared with his wife, who was acquitted on all charges in 2012.

Man Who ‘Loved Dogs’ Charged With 43 Counts of Animal Abuse

The friends and family of a South Carolina man accused of felony animal cruelty are speaking out in his defense, saying that accusations against him sound worse than the truth. Loney Garrett, a 64-year-old Vietnam Vet, is charged with 43 felony counts of ill treatment of animals after authorities allegedly found 45 living dogs and over 200 dead dogs on his Berkeley County property.

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty for Biting Off Baby Bird’s Head

A Kentucky man may find himself a jailbird after a grotesque Youtube video caught the attention of authorities. Bradley Heard, 29, is charged with second-degree animal cruelty for allegedly biting off the head of a baby bird.

A Poll Asks: Should New Jersey Reinstate the Death Penalty for Animal Abusers?

As the case against dog trainer Michael Rosenberg develops, a poll on asks whether or not New Jersey should reinstate the death penalty as punishment for animal abusers only. New Jersey outlawed the death penalty in 2007. Now, almost 80 who voted in the impromptu poll voted in favor of death for animal abusers.