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Man Accused of Blowing Up Family Dog Won’t Face Cruelty Charges

It turns out that in Washington State strapping explosives to your dog and detonating them does not constitute animal cruelty, that is if you manage to blow the poor creature to smithereens instantly, like Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, of Stevenson reportedly did.

Police: Man Drowned Ducks in Acid

A man in Norman, Oklahoma, is accused of drowning two neighborhood ducks in muriatic acid after becoming upset with his mother.

Police: Family Drove Dead Mom Around in Van Full of Animals

The husband and two sons of Lola Mae Stout are accused of a crime that shocked Phoenix police. Local Fox affiliate KSAZ reports that husband Alva Stout and sons Alan and Gregory Stout had the body of the 73-year-old woman in a van surrounded by dozens of sickly animals and the accompanying roaches and fleas.

Animal Rescuers Charged With Animal Cruelty

Here’s one you don’t see every day: A guest at a hotel called animal control on two animal rescue workers, who left their charges, four puppies, crated in their hot van.

Today in Crime History: Yoo Young-cheol is Arrested

On July 15, 2004, the South Korean police arrested serial killer Yoo Young-cheol. Released from prison in 2003, he planned to kill 100 rich people, but first he practiced, capturing lots of stray dogs and beating them to death. Then he moved on to killing wealthy prostitutes.

Memphis Man Charged With Killing Puppy in Dishwasher

Memphis man Marcus Curry is under arrest and being held in lieu of a $40,000 bond after allegedly putting his German Shepherd puppy in the dishwasher and running it.

Children Find Pet Goat Skinned Alive — Owner, Neighbors Afraid

Residents in Longview, Washington, are understandably on edge after a pet goat was found cruelly mutilated and left for dead.

Man’s Best Friend in the News: Two Heroes, Two Victims

An Oregon man executes his dog for pooping in the house, a California woman finds a headless, disemboweled dog in her car, and two very special dogs are hailed as heroes in this canine crime-news roundup.

New Zealand Man Who Sold Cat Skin Online May Face Charges

New Zealand man Gavin Wilkinson may face charges after selling the skin of a purportedly feral cat he shot on his property in an online auction on May 30, 2013, on the website Wilkinson claims to have shot the animal and killed it humanely after it killed his chickens. Though the local SPCA may not be not buying it, other people apparently are.

Mom Charged After Son Drowns Dog

After noticing her dog Sophie missing from the yard, homeowner Patricia Martin reviewed the footage on her surveillance camera only to see neighbor Desiree Gillard’s son making off with the tiny Papillon.