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Woman bitten by lion plans to sue zoo

A Michigan woman has announced plans to sue a local zoo, after she and her daughter were, for reasons that are in dispute, in the restricted area just outside the lion’s cage. When confronted with the presence of the majestic beast, the woman was drawn to pet it, and had her finger tip ripped off. She claims that the zoo failed to protect her.

Watch: Man moves gator off road after a few drinks

FYI: a gator that doesn’t see you, can still bite you. Too bad it was the man, and not the gator, that had had a few drinks before the encounter. Four friends reportedly stopped their truck when they saw the gator on the road, and decided to move it. The plan was simplicity itself: Three of them cover its face with their t-shirts then jump on it from behind, while the fourth records it on all for posterity.

Slideshow: Beastly behavior

A look in photos at some brutal and not-so-brutal animal attacks.

VIDEO: What to do in case of animal attack

An informative video posted in time for the warm weather, known to draw many humans to the great outdoors and many animals to human habitations, as in the recent case of a Florida woman, who was attacked by hungry bears in her own garage. When dealing with angry or possibly rabid animals, rest assured: None of this advice may actually work.

Naked man let hyena rip off and eat his genitals for wealth

They say that becoming rich requires sacrifice, like losing that special time with your kids and grandkids. One African man seems to have taken this truism to the extreme. Whether or not he will be rich is still an open question, but it’s for sure he won’t be having kids or grandkids anytime soon.

Python swallowed woman’s pet, chain and all, whole

A woman, who decided to protect the native Australian wildlife by chaining her Chihuahua-Maltese mix in its doghouse overnight, returned in the morning to find a carpet python with a dog-sized tummy bump and a chain dangling from its mouth. Ironically, the chain that held the dog for the snake, held the snake for animal control.

911 caller terrorized by 22-pound cat

A man called 911 when he and his girlfriend’s cat went berzerk and attacked their baby and then held the family hostage in a bedroom. The cat, a 22-pounder named Lux, apparently had a “history of violence,” according to the caller. The caller begins, “my cat attacked our 7-month old child, and I kicked the [...]

70 people became feast for hungry piranha on Christmas Day

Piranha in Argentina wound up having their own surprise Christmas treat, when they encounters scores of river bathers seeking relief from the heat wave.

Pit bull attacks owner, rips her arms off

A Connecticut woman is recovering from a brutal attack by her son’s pit bull Tuxedo, that occurred outside the family’s rural home Monday. No one knows what provoked the attack, but the the victim was reportedly bitten from head to toe. In the end, she lost all of her left arm and part of her right in the attack.

Russian shepherd, 80, survives fight with bear, gets tossed off cliff

Do bears play with their food? Unknown, but Russian bear experts are saying the the scrappy shepherd who says he survived a bear attack last week, was merely the object of a wild bear’s attempts at play.

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