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Slideshow: Vegan parents on trial

Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn’s aggravated manslaughter trial opened Oct. 18, 2005, in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. They were accused of starving their 6-month-old daughter to death with a vegan diet after an autopsy concluded the 7-pound, 22-inch infant died from “accidental malnutrition.” The couple and their children practiced a “living-foods lifestyle,” a diet consisting of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Today in Crime History: Baby Woyah Andressohn dies

On May 15, 2003, 6-month-old Woyah Andressohn died, weighing only 7 pounds. Her parents, strict vegans Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn, were accused of starving Woyah and her siblings. See the case in photos.

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