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Slideshow: Amber Frey, the other woman

Amber was happily dating a new man, Scott, a widower, who would be alone for Christmas. She found out 15 days later that he was actually married to the pregnant Laci Peterson, who had mysteriously disappeared 14 days earlier. Stunned, she immediately contacted police.

Slideshow: Scott Peterson guilty verdict

Laci Rocha Peterson was nearly eight-months pregnant when on Dec. 24, 2002, her stepfather reported her missing. Investigators suspected her husband, Scott, who was tried and convicted for the murders of Laci and their unborn child, Connor, in 2004. A look in photos at the verdict sentencing pf Scott Peterson.

Today in Crime History: Amber Frey Testifies Against Ex-Lover Scott Peterson

On August 10, 2004, Amber Frey took the stand for the first time to testify against her former lover Scott Peterson in his murder trial. Peterson was famously sentenced to death for murdering his pregnant wife Laci.

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