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Slideshow: Missing and endangered children, 2011

Cases prominent in the media of children reported missing in 2011. Since then some of the children have been recovered safely, some confirmed dead, but many are still missing.

Hannah Anderson Rescued in Idaho Wilderness

A sharp-eyed retired sheriff’s instincts led to the rescue of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson over the weekend. After coming across her and James Lee DiMaggio on a back-country trail in the Idaho wilderness, 71-year-old  Mark John and his three horse-riding buddies thought something just didn’t seem right. The pair didn’t engage like most do along the hike and [...]

Missing-Abducted Toddler Daphne Webb

Police in Oakland, Calif., are still searching for 21-month-old Daphne Webb, left in her father’s parked car in East Oakland on July 10, 2013, with her grandmother for a quick trip to the store. A review of surveillance video indicated that the child may have been abducted.

No Amber Alert Issued for Abducted Cleveland Teen Gina DeJesus 10 Years Ago. Why?

After the discovery that three women, who were abducted as teens, were imprisoned for a decade in a Cleveland home, the public is asking why no Amber Alerts were issued, particularly in the case of Gina DeJesus, and why. A look the qualifications for an Amber Alert, Gina’s case and two others that didn’t qualify.

Amber Alert: Missing Teen Sidney Nicole Randell

An Amber Alert has been issued for Sidney Nicole Randell, 14, of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, who was last seen on late on March 10, 2013, wearing a brown Aeropostale jacket. The prime suspect in her disappearance was found dead two days later. Police fear for her safety.

Missing Child Alert: Teen Mom Diana Cardenas and One-Month-Old Infant

California teen Diana Zamora Cardenas, 16, was last seen October 29 at her Hanford home with her month-old daughter, Davina Alcala. Police believe Cardenas, with infant in tow, may be on the run with Nicolas “Nico” Alcala, 19. Alcala, Cardenas’ boyfriend and the father of her baby, is wanted in a Fresno County homicide, police say.

Amber Alert Issued for Missing Colorado Girl, 10

Police have issued and Amber Alert in the case of missing child Jessica Ridgeway, who left her home Friday morning, but never made it to school. A backpack and a water bottle believed to belong to the missing girl, 10, were found by an area neighbor.

Gabbiee Swainson, Still Missing, Still Doesn’t Qualify for an Amber Alert

Gabrielle Swainson, 16, has been missing since August 18, when her mother came home from an overnight shift to find that her daughter, who had been in her pajamas and asleep, was gone. With no sign of the girl, no forced entry, and no leads, police were unable to issue and Amber Alert for the missing teen. Even now police are still piecing together what happened, and Gabbiee is still missing.

Amber Alert Cancelled: Eunice Serrato Found Safe

The Amber Alert for missing child Eunice Serrato has been cancelled. The girl was found safe at a border crossing with Mexico. They have the men allegedly connected with Serrato’s abduction, Juan Manuel Salazar and his father Juan Salazar Sr., in custody. These men are also persons of interest in a double homicide.

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