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French police finally make an arrest in the Al-Hilli family murder mystery

French authorities have arrested former policeman Eric Devouassoux, 48, in possible connection with an unsolved quadruple murder that took place in the French Alps in September 2012. Saad Al-Hilli, 50, had just parked his BMW station wagon on an isolated road near an Annecy campground above the village of Chevaline. He was shot and killed [...]

British Family Massacred in France, Likely Target of a Professional Hit

French investigators have confirmed that one or more professional hitmen were likely behind a quadruple-murder that took place last week in a forest near the French Alps. The main target was fifty-year-old Saad Al-Hilli, his wife Ikbal Al-Hilli, and mother-in-law. All three were British citizens who were originally from Iraq.

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