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Watch: Man moves gator off road after a few drinks

FYI: a gator that doesn’t see you, can still bite you. Too bad it was the man, and not the gator, that had had a few drinks before the encounter. Four friends reportedly stopped their truck when they saw the gator on the road, and decided to move it. The plan was simplicity itself: Three of them cover its face with their t-shirts then jump on it from behind, while the fourth records it on all for posterity.

An alligator helped stop this car thief

Calvin Rodriguez was speeding away in an allegedly stolen Honda Civic when he hit an alligator crossing a Port St Lucie, Florida, road. Police were pursuing Rodriguez for a rash of stolen Hondas and Acuras and say they spotted him shortly before he hit the ‘gator. Police believe Rodrigues stole five cars using a “shaved [...]

Trend: Drug dealers have moved on from pit bulls as pets — to aligators

Well we can all breathe a sigh of relief: drug dealers are no longer keeping pit bulls as pets. Pit-bull rescuers and lovers all over will be pleased, because the widespread abuse of this controversial breed will decrease. Reptile lovers however aren’t going to be happy at all: the new drug-dealer pet of choice is the alligator.

Florida man tries to trade live gator for beer

Fernando Caignet Aguilera of Miami, Florida, saw his chance and he took it: a live alligator at the park that he could catch and use to get some free beer at the local bodega. What he didn’t count of was the store’s clerk freaking out and calling police.

Police in Chicago search for woman who may have dumped gator at O’Hare

Authorities in Chicago may have a lead on the person who ditched a live, immature alligator at O’Hare airport on November 1. The person in this surveillance still was seen riding a train to the airport with a live, immature alligator under her arm.

Man Charged With Feeding Gator That Bit Off His Hand

On June 12, Florida airboat captain Walt Weatherholt, 63, was giving an Indiana family a tour of the Everglades when an alligator bit off his hand. Now, in the quintessential case of adding insult to injury, Weatherholt has been charged with feeding the alligator that ate his right hand.

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