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No Amber Alert Issued for Abducted Cleveland Teen Gina DeJesus 10 Years Ago. Why?

After the discovery that three women, who were abducted as teens, were imprisoned for a decade in a Cleveland home, the public is asking why no Amber Alerts were issued, particularly in the case of Gina DeJesus, and why. A look the qualifications for an Amber Alert, Gina’s case and two others that didn’t qualify.

Update: Missing Teen Alicia Moore Found Dead

Sadly police have identified the body of an African-American female found on November 6, 2012, as that of Alicia Moore, 16, who has been missing since November 2 from Greenville, Texas.

Missing Child Alert: Alicia Moore

Police in Greenville, Texas, have announced that they are searching for a missing teen, Alicia Moore, 16, who has been missing since November 2, 2012. Alicia was last seen getting off the school bus that Friday afternoon at the corner of at the corner of Bourland and Walnut streets.

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