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Three Teens–Not Shooter–Charged in Alabama Girl’s Death

In April, four Alabama teens–Scott Byrd, Dylan Tyree, Daniel Parnell and Summer Moody–went to Gravine Island in the Tensaw river delta, where they allegedly broke into cabins. Three men who were on the island took notice of the teens, and one of them, authorities say, fired what was meant to be a warning shot. The bullet hit Moody, 17, in the head. She died ten days later.

Teen Charged in 14-Year-Old’s Stabbing Death Applies for Youthful Offender Status

An attorney for teenage murder suspect Autumn Wood requested youthful offender status for his client at her arraignment Wednesday morning. The attorney’s previous request to try Wood as a juvenile was denied by the same judge.

Student Charged with Torturing, Dismembering Cats, and Displaying Remains Around Campus

Christian Todd Slaton, 19, of Montevallo, Alabama, has been arrested on four felony counts of first-degree cruelty to animals. Disturbingly enough, all of the charges deal specifically with torturing and dismembering stray cats.

Killer Professor Challenges Her Conviction — Even Though She Made a Deal

Former University of Alabama professor Amy Bishop has challenged the guilty verdict and life sentence she received after opening fire at a faculty staff meeting on February 12, 2010, killing three people and wounding three others. Given the terms of the plea deal she accepted, her challenge may not be allowed to proceed.

Teen Indicted in 14-Year-Old’s Stabbing Death

A 17-year-old Alabama girl has been indicted on murder charges after police say she stabbed to death another girl, 14, in March. According to authorities, a group of approximately 20 teens were having a party at a house with no parents present when a fight broke out between four girls. The fight worked its way into the kitchen where police say Autumn Wood grabbed a knife and stabbed Brooklyn Hollins, who died at the scene.

Update: Teen Dies in Prank Gone Awry

It seems that one of those classic tricks that kids are constantly playing on each other went horribly wrong Saturday morning, leaving an Alabama boy, 15, hospitalized and in critical condition.

Grandmother Accused of Running Toddler Over With SUV

A 52-year-old grandmother was allegedly under the influence of prescription pills when police say she fatally ran over her 2-year-old grandson Brayden Lucas Daniel with a Ford Explorer. Rebecca Jane Elrod of Albertville, Ala., was charged with charged with criminally negligent homicide Friday.

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