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Slideshow: In-flight crime

Air rage, assault, drunk and disorderly, even murder; many of the crimes that happen down here also happen up there.

Man charged with hijacking plane was armed with chocolate bar

Antti Oskari Manselius, 23, of Finland is on trial after boarding a Cathay Pacific flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, and allegedly attempting to derail the flight to Sochi, Russia — menacingly wielding a Toberlone bar — so he could see the Olympics.

Mysterious and unsolved plane crashes

Malaysia Flight 370 is not the first, nor, sadly, will it be the last flight to vanish leaving mystery and unanswered questions.

Heather Lynn Dykman: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rehab

"I came down for a 30-day rehab program." These words were spoken by Dykman before the judge after an alcohol-fueled hate rant at flight crew, who denied Dykman her third alcoholic beverage, landed her in jail. As unique as that explanation may seem, she was not the only one to offer it that day.

Drunk Brit Becomes Violent on Flight, Forces Detour

Any Americans on British Airways flight BA2202 from Cancun to London who boarded under the misconception that “‘the British are all polite,” were quickly and perhaps a little brutally disabused of that notion after encountering very drunk fellow passenger Sean Jude Kelly.

Woman Tries to Smuggle Tadpoles Through Security — in Her Mouth

A woman passing through airport security was found with a bottle of liquid that was too large to allow on the plane. As they routinely do these days, security informed her that she had to discard the liquid or drink it. She drank it, but she would not swallow it.

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