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Drunk Off-Duty Cop in Body Armor Brandishes Gun at Gas Station Clerk

It was a tense situation at the Giant gas station in Tucson, Arizona, where at 3 a.m. June 30, 2013, two drunk men shambled into the gas-station’s convenience store shirtless, each wearing a ballistic vest, one with a pistol. The good news, and the bad news too it would seem, is that police were already on the scene.

Man Charged With Setting Child on Fire, Filming it

A Saxonburg, Pa., man was arrested after an alleged sadistic attack on a child, 7, in which the boy was doused with an accelerant and filmed after the man’s son allegedly to set the victim’s shirt on fire.

Police: Man Vomits on Dog, Shoots Dog’s Owner and Two Children

If you vomit on someone’s dog, etiquette dictates that you apologize and offer some moist towelettes. What you shouldn’t by any means do, is bust out a gun and open fire.

Inmate Bites Off Guard’s Ear During Cell Search

In an attack that is all too grim a reminder of the dangers associated with working as a prison guard, Bobby Ruiz, an inmate in the Maricopa County’s Lower Buckeye Jail, bit a female guard’s ear clean off in an attack last week.

Update: Bond Set for Angry Woman Who Ran Over Husband for Re-Electing Obama

When it comes to politics, it is often impossible to convince people when they are wrong. For example Maricopa County woman Holly Solomon, 28, who was arrested for running over her husband, Daniel Solomon, last week because he re-elected President Obama, was wrong on so many levels.

Crime Bi-Athlete Collared for Simultaneous Assault While Driving Impaired

Texas man Stephen Michael Place, 41, went for the gold by assaulting his ex-wife while driving under the influence of drugs. Luckily he was unable to sustain both activities for long, and wound up crashing his Beemer into a tree.

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