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Guinea bans eating bats, rats and monkeys

Really? Yes, really. Aside from carrying nasty diseases, these creatures are considered great eating in many parts of the world, West Africa included. In fact, this blogger’s Internet searches yielded recipes for Fruit bat soup and stewed Cane rat, as well as an awareness that smoked monkey is readily found all over rural Africa — to eat.

Fetish priest arrested by angry ghost

In a move that reportedly threw a small town in the African country Ghana into chaos, the ghost of a dead man possessed a woman and performed a citizen’s arrest of the fetish priest who was allegedly responsible for his mysterious and untimely demise.

Nigerian Man Caught with Human Head and Hands for Ritual Recipe

Abideen Raheem faced some financial difficulties after his poultry business failed. So he turned to a herbal folklore ritual that he thought would bring wealth. Unfortunately, the ritual recipe called for human hands and a head.

Man Found with Human Body Parts, Private Parts, Arrested

In an odd story out of the African country of Malawi, police in Mzimba arrested Moses Malengenya, 32, from the village of Kafoteka on June 30, 2013, after he was found in possession of human male genitalia — not his own.

Man Kills Son to Sell Body Parts

Police in Mozambique confirmed on June 25, 2012, that they had arrested an unidentified man from Manhica, for killing, decapitating, and castrating his own son to sell the body parts to a human-organ trafficker for 500,000 meticais (about US$18,000).

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