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The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Three Girls Scouts are sexually assaulted and brutally murdered while camping in Oklahoma. An escaped inmate with a penchant for kidnapping, rape and women’s eyeglasses is charged with the crimes, but is acquitted when the physical evidence at the scene doesn’t match up.

Man Who Beat Puppy to Death With Bat Aquitted on Appeal

An Iowa court has provoked outrage after ruling that the case of Zachary Meerdink, convicted in 2012 of animal torture in the beating death of his Boston Terrier puppy, wasn’t torture after all. The court found that beating a defenseless puppy to death with a wooden bat is not in itself “depraved” and overturned the conviction.

Kelly Soo Park: Acquitted of Model’s Murder

Kelly Soo Park, the woman prosecutors once described as a “female James Bond,” walked out of court a free woman June 4, 2013, when a jury refused to convict her of the 2008 murder of Maxim model Juliana Redding.

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