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Guy tries to kill spider with blow torch, nearly burns down home

A man in Seattle, Washington, caused about $60,000 in damage to his home trying to kill a spider. In his defense, we don’t know what kind of spider it was, how big it was or how gross and hairy it was. In any case, fire crews are pretty sure he got it.

Heartbreaking video shows the effects of leaving a child in a hot car

Every summer, one particularly tragic type of story makes its way into headlines across the country: children left in hot cars. Some are rescued in time, while others unfortunately don’t make it.

Video: Man catches baby who fell two stories

A Mr. Li of China’s Guangdong Province was recently caught on video catching a one-year-old who fell off a window ledge. Lee and another man watch and wait, while others put down cardboard to cushion the baby’s fall. Later, Li humbly told the media,”It was nothing but human instinct to do so.”

Deputy tries to kill dog, shoots self instead

A Riverside County California deputy was delivering an eviction notice to a family on May 14, 2014, at around 2 p.m. On entering the fenced lot, he was approached by a barking dog, a pit bull. Moments later, neighbors heard gunfire.

Robert Champion’s Hazing Death

A look at the case of the young and talented Florida A&M University clarinet player and drum major, killed by injuries sustained in a hazing ritual that went too far.

Letter carrier maces co-workers, triggers hazmat response

Anyone who feels a pet of theirs was ever unfairly maced by a mail carrier will be pleased to hear that on October 6, 2013, a Portland, Oregon, postman managed to pepper spray his co-workers — by accident of course.

Watch: Man sets wife on fire with gas pump

A Georgia man is facing jail after accidentally setting his wife on fire while fueling up his truck. Austin Dawkins is seen on surveillance video sparking the fumes with his lighter while he talks to his wife. The gas nozzle shoots out flame and lights up Jessica before she can get a safe distance away. She falls.

Police: Impaired Unlicensed Teen in Back-to-School Accident, Kills 4

In a bizarre tragedy out of Phoenix, Arizona, an unlicensed teen, who police believe was under the influence, was taking his six younger siblings to their first day of school on August 5, 2013, when he swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed, killing three of his younger brothers and the other driver.

WATCH: Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head

Crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee, 27, who for eight years has been the guy who puts his head in the large reptile’s mouth, got the surprise of his career over the weekend when the disgruntled crocodile clapped its jaws shut on his extended head and shook it.

Who Ya Gonna Call? 911 Operators Drop the Ball

911 operators have one of the most important jobs in law enforcement: Sorting through the many frivolous calls they receive, calmly talking people through real-life emergencies and getting them help. This year will see Halle Berry play a heroic 911 operator in “The Call.” As heroic as 911 operators may seem at times, they are after all just people. People who can make mistakes — mistakes that can kill.

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