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Slideshow: Non-emergency 911

A look at some outrageous use, misuse and outright abuse of the 911 emergency response system.

UK man calls 999 with toilet roll holder stuck up his butt

Most of the time when people call the emergency help line they really want as much help as they can get. Sometimes though, the situation is delicate, as in the case of a Welsh man, who recently found that discretion pretty much goes out the window once the fire brigade shows up.

Osama bin Laden, High Priest of Terror

At one time known as the world’s most wanted man, and leader of the Taliban terrorist organization, bin Laden was responsible for the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and countless other acts of terrorism worldwide.

Man Calls 911 After Prostitute Refuses to Make Change

Some guys in Indiana called 911 to send a police officer after a prostitute they hired pushed them out of a hotel room and refused to make change.

Today in Crime History: 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center

Though many heroes were made the day of the September 11, 2001, terrorists attacks, the story of the Port Authority Police Department on is one of unrivaled bravery. The amazing men and women of the PAPD gave everything they had — 37 lives, more than any police department has ever lost in a single event.

LISTEN: Brave Boy Calls 911 After Mother, Grandmother Murdered

On September 11, 2007, Tracy Burke and her mother, Karen Comer, were murdered in their Kentucky home. The next morning, her terrified but composed 9-year-old son called 911, and in a heartbreaking recording that can be heard below, explained what happened. The boy was unhurt, as were his infant sister and 4-year-old brother. The following [...]

LISTEN: 911 Dispatcher Talks Man Out of Committing Suicide After Shooting Son, Daughter

On March 24, Puyallup, Wa., 911 dispatcher Pamela Mandery received a call from 69-year-old Michael League. “I just committed a father’s worst sin,” League said, before telling Mandery, 43, that he’d just shot his son and daughter. “And now I’m going to shoot myself,” said League.

911 Call Released: Nurse Refuses to Perform CPR on Dying Senior Resident

A nurse is heard on a 911 call refusing a dispatcher’s pleas to perform CPR on an independent living resident. When asked "Is there anyone at this facility that is willing to help this woman and not let her die?" The nurse calmly responds, "Not at this time." EMTs did not arrive in time to save her.

Man Dials 911 from Cell Phone 1,200 Times This year

The law has finally caught up with Jason Honaker, 38, of Hillsborough County Florida for abusing the 911 emergency response system. Honaker was charged with seven felony counts of false 911 calls after he reportedly called 1,200 times this year, about 26 times a day.

Masked, Cuffed Illinois Priest’s 911 Call Goes Viral

A 911 call made on November 28, 2012, by Father Tom Donovan of Springfield, Ill., pastor of St. Aloysius Church, has gone viral. The gagged, masked priest called 911 from inside the church saying that he needed help getting out of a pair of handcuffs, "before this becomes a medical emergency."

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