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Who Ya Gonna Call? 911 Operators Drop the Ball

911 operators have one of the most important jobs in law enforcement: Sorting through the many frivolous calls they receive, calmly talking people through real-life emergencies and getting them help. This year will see Halle Berry play a heroic 911 operator in “The Call.” As heroic as 911 operators may seem at times, they are after all just people. People who can make mistakes — mistakes that can kill.

911 Call Released: Nurse Refuses to Perform CPR on Dying Senior Resident

A nurse is heard on a 911 call refusing a dispatcher’s pleas to perform CPR on an independent living resident. When asked "Is there anyone at this facility that is willing to help this woman and not let her die?" The nurse calmly responds, "Not at this time." EMTs did not arrive in time to save her.

Ambulance Reportedly Too Busy to Help Injured Old Woman

Iris Burton, in agony on a cold sidewalk with a broken hip, waited over three hours for an ambulance. When her son called after an hour of waiting, the dispatcher allegedly told him to "stop being a nuisance."

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