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LISTEN: Antoinette Tuff’s Amazing Call to 911 During Georgia School Shooting

Most 911 calls are frantic with dispatchers barely able to understand the nearly hysterical callers, who must repeat the same information over and over while waiting for police. This was not the case with Antoinette Tuff, who was being held at gunpoint by a school shooter. Her calm and empathy that day probably saved lives.

LISTEN: Brave Boy Calls 911 After Mother, Grandmother Murdered

On September 11, 2007, Tracy Burke and her mother, Karen Comer, were murdered in their Kentucky home. The next morning, her terrified but composed 9-year-old son called 911, and in a heartbreaking recording that can be heard below, explained what happened. The boy was unhurt, as were his infant sister and 4-year-old brother. The following [...]

Man Calls 911 in Love Emergency

In another installment of Calling 911 Won’t Save Your Relationship a Florida man allegedly decided that the best way to keep his girlfriend from moving out is to alert the authorities. Police in Tavernier say 35-year-old Matthew Corp called 911 and said his wife had been kidnapped by two men driving a U-Haul truck. Police [...]

Who Ya Gonna Call? 911 Operators Drop the Ball

911 operators have one of the most important jobs in law enforcement: Sorting through the many frivolous calls they receive, calmly talking people through real-life emergencies and getting them help. This year will see Halle Berry play a heroic 911 operator in “The Call.” As heroic as 911 operators may seem at times, they are after all just people. People who can make mistakes — mistakes that can kill.

Babysitter Suffers Heart Attack? Nope, Just Drunk, Say Police

A Deltona, Fla., man may soon be swapping the Babysitters’ Club for Alcoholics Anonymous after allegedly passing out drunk while watching two young children.

Police Hold Suspect who Pocket-Dialed 911 While Talking About Murder

Police have made another arrest in the murder of Nicholas Walker, who was gunned down last month after an altercation in a Florida Waffle House. Just before the murder, his accused killer allegedly butt-dialed 911 while planning the hit with an accomplice.

LISTEN: A Columbine Teacher’s 911 Call

This 911 call was placed by teacher Patti Nielson during the April 20, 1999, shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. During the call, shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold enter the library where Nielson, three teachers and 52 students were taking cover.

Police Still Searching for Two Suspects in Waffle House Butt-Dialing Case

Most people would be surprised at how many alleged perps call 911 while in the act of breaking the law; from stealing a car, to making a drug deal, police trace the accidental calls and quickly make arrests. This case, however, stunned even police and may be a new record: man accidentally calls 911 while planning a murder.

VIDEO: Teen Boy Breaks Down After Shooting Parents

In December, 2010, 14-year-old Naples, Fla., boy Alex Crain called 911. He told the operator that both his parents had been shot and pleaded for police to “please hurry.” When asked who shot his parents, Alex cried, “I did.”

Police Release Sketch of the Suspect in Jessica Heeringa Abduction

More details have emerged in the case of missing Michigan mom Jessica Heeringa, who is believed to have been abducted from her job at a North Shores Exxon station on Friday April 26, 2013, possibly by someone she knew.

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