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Florida man calls 911 when police detain him, reports a kidnapping

There are probably many ways of getting out of an arrest, but one surefire way to get yourself locked up in no time is to repeatedly call 911 saying that you are being kidnapped by police. 911 operators across the country, no doubt hope that Sean Slocum, 21, of West Palm Beach learned this valuable lesson Saturday.

Florida woman calls 911 to report drunk people in a bar

Believe or or not, there is such a thing a being too responsible a drinker. Thanks to concerned citizen Mary Jaggers, we now have police confirmation, just in time for the weekend, that it is in fact okay for a bar to be full of drunk people.

Man Calls 911 After Prostitute Refuses to Make Change

Some guys in Indiana called 911 to send a police officer after a prostitute they hired pushed them out of a hotel room and refused to make change.

New Hampshire Woman Calls 911, Asks for a Pen

People have called 911 for all kinds of crazy reasons, from looking for a free ride, to complaining about a restaurant, to scaring their children. Most recently a woman was arrested for making a frivolous 911 call asking for a pen. It was her 11th such call in a month.

Man Calls Cops on Ugly Prostitute

A man in Birmingham, England, has been issued a warning by police after he reportedly called 999 on June 11, 2013, at around 7:30 p.m. to report an ugly prostitute for lying to him about being pretty.

Woman Used 911, Ambulance as Taxi Service for Seven Years

On this week’s edition of Good Idea, Bad Idea, we present Audrey Ferguson, who has for the last seven years gotten a ride to downtown Charleston — good idea. Unfortunately she decided to use the local EMS team to do it, by calling 911, feigning illness and immediately signing out once at the hospital — bad idea.

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