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Today in Crime History: Adolfo Constanzo’s bloodstained ritual shed burns to the ground

On April 22, 1989, nocturnal arsonists struck, burning Constanzo’s bloodstained ritual shed to the ground. Constanzo was a Mexican palo mayombe cult leader, who performed ritual torture and murder to increase his occult powers. The next morning police conducted a full-dress exorcism at the ranch, sprinkling holy water over the graves and smoldering ashes.

Our very favorite sex scandals of all-time

Here’s our list of sex scandals that crossed the lines of politics, Hollywood, religion, even the foundation of America itself.

Man made phone video while raping 2-year-old

An Arkansas man used a cell phone to record himself raping a two-year-old baby and is now in jail.

Grave-robbing cannibals busted–again

Two Pakistani cannibals have just been arrested again after going back at it, police say. The pair were busted for making a curry out of a boy they dug up from his grave.

Search for missing boy Chayson Basinio called off — because he never existed

In an era when people create all manner of fake online identities, a strange case has emerged out of France of a missing child that only ever existed on a Facebook page. French police have called off the search and charged the woman allegedly responsible for the disturbing hoax.

Man charged with hijacking plane was armed with chocolate bar

Antti Oskari Manselius, 23, of Finland is on trial after boarding a Cathay Pacific flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, and allegedly attempting to derail the flight to Sochi, Russia — menacingly wielding a Toberlone bar — so he could see the Olympics.

Slideshow: The mugs of summer

Twelve tips for a great summer look (provided you don’t get arrested).

Today in Crime History: ‘Baretta’ Actor Robert Blake Arrested in Wife’s Murder

On April 18, 2002, police arrested actor Robert Blake for the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley. After a long, sensational trial, Blake was acquitted.

Murder, they blogged

On April 17, 2006, FBI agents found the body of Jamie Rose Bolin, 10, in a plastic tub in the bedroom of Kevin Ray Underwood — along with skewers and meat tenderizer. Underwood it seemed had made the move to bridge the gap between blogging about acts of cannibalism and performing them. A look at this case and others involving killers who blogged.

VIDEO: What to do in case of animal attack

An informative video posted in time for the warm weather, known to draw many humans to the great outdoors and many animals to human habitations, as in the recent case of a Florida woman, who was attacked by hungry bears in her own garage. When dealing with angry or possibly rabid animals, rest assured: None of this advice may actually work.