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Biggest blond bombshell conspiracies

Were the famous deaths of these American blond bombshells really all accidental?

Buddhist monk caught shoplifting beef jerky

It was April 10, 2014, and a Buddhist monk was apparently experiencing a serious jones for jerked meat. Many Taiwanese were shocked when the sworn vegetarian was caught on camera not only stealing, but stealing beef jerky from a store near the Zen Buddhist temple in Nantou.

John Eric Armstrong: The model sailor

Serial killer John Eric Armstrong was caught by Detroit police when on April 12, 1989, he returned to the dumping ground they had staked out. Armstrong broke down quickly during questioning and began a confession that lasted for days. By the 14th of April he had confessed to over 30 murders around the world.

Police: Serial killers wore GPS trackers during murders

In a case disturbing for those who hope that tracking sex offenders will stop sex-offender recidivism, two registered California sex offenders, who each attended regular visits with police, and wore GPS ankle trackers, are suspects in at least 5 murders, and police believe there are more victims.

Pro athletes, from victors to victims

Fame, fortune and world-class fitness prove no defense against legal troubles and crime for athletes off the field.

Watch: Woman mugged during TV interview on rising crime rate

A woman being interviewed by a TV crew about how police weren’t taking care of crime on the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was actually mugged in mid interview, on camera and in broad daylight on the streets, essentially proving her right.

The Chicago Rippers

The Ripper Crew was a gang of four Satan-worshiping team killers led by Robin Gecht, who attacked women, mutilated and cannibalized the body parts they severed, even going so far as to perform sex acts on them in their repeated attempts to contact the Dark One.

Chicagoan armed with submachine gun claims tax-exemption at deli

All kinds of people get all kinds of crazy at tax time, and Chicago man Nahshon Shelton is no exception. Shelton was happily paying for his $1.79 two-liter bottle of Pepsi Saturday, when the pesky issue of .22 cents in sales tax came up. Shelton did not have the .22 cents, but he did have a big scary gun.

Spanish village named ‘Jew killing’ considers official name change

The small, but proud village of Castrillo Matajudios, loosely translated as Little Fortress of Jew Killing, is considering a name change. Probably a good idea.

The Mysterious disappearance of Lee Cutler

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Lee Cutler disappeared. He left a friend’s house after a sleepover and never arrived at work. A series of clues found after Lee vanished suggested that Lee may have gone off to live in the woods, or committed suicide, but despite several sightings, what happened to Lee remains a mystery.