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VIDEO: Manson Interviewed, ‘Remorse for What?!’

In this prison interview Charles Manson is asked why, despite the fact that he is obviously guilty, he never expressed remorse. His stunning answer: "Remorse for what?!" What follows is a classic Mansonesque rant.

California Man Confesses to Stealing Cat While Drunk, Tries to Return it

So what do you do when you sober up only to find that the cute stray cat you thought you were rescuing on your way home last night actually has a collar, a name and probably a worried owner? Why, feed the cat cheese and place the following ad on Craigslist, of course.

Man Calls 911 After Prostitute Refuses to Make Change

Some guys in Indiana called 911 to send a police officer after a prostitute they hired pushed them out of a hotel room and refused to make change.

Slideshow: Beauty School Dropouts

Ma’am, step away from the eyeliner and put your hands on your head.

Today in Crime History: 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center

Though many heroes were made the day of the September 11, 2001, terrorists attacks, the story of the Port Authority Police Department on is one of unrivaled bravery. The amazing men and women of the PAPD gave everything they had — 37 lives, more than any police department has ever lost in a single event.

Hambali: Mastermind of Terror

This devout Islamic scholar, taught his terror tactics by Osama bin-Laden himself, emerged as a most dangerous terrorist and the mastermind of the Bali, Indonesia, bombing that killed 202 people. Calling himself Hambali, he was found in Thailand planning more death and is currently enjoying the facilities in prison at Gitmo.

Slideshow: Lynn Turner

A look back at the parade of witnesses in the trial of black widow Lynn Turner. Her weapon of choice? Antifreeze.

VIDEO: Interview With Green River Killer Gary Ridgway

One of the most prolific known American serial killers, Gary Ridgway was convicted of 49 murders and confessed to nearly 100. He killed women and girls, many of them prostitutes, in Washington state. He left their bodies in the woods and would sometimes come back to have sex with them. Below is a video interview in which Ridgway discusses the ways in which he lured his victims.

Police in Western Australia in Search of Drunken Pig

Police in Port Hedland, Western Australia, are reportedly searching for a pig that broke into a camping couple’s cooler during the night and drank 18 of their beers. He may be irritable, hungover and probably has a pounding headache.

Saunders County Sheriff Probes Possible Bigfoot Sighting

A Nebraska teen, 15, reported seeing a 7-foot tall, “hairy,” bipedal creature along a country road that runs parallel to the Platte River in Saunders County, Nebraska, which is about 60 miles west of Omaha. The local Sheriff, who does not think the alleged sighting is a hoax, retrieved a hair sample from the scene, which has been sent for testing.