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VIDEO: Teen Microwaves Kitten

Two Maine teens sparked Internet outrage when they filmed themselves microwaving a kitten and posted the video online.

Four Indian Bus Rapists Sentenced to Death

The overwhelming majority of Indians seem to feel that justice has been served, though it is not at all clear if and when the punishment will be meted out. For now Indian women are calling this a victory.

The DNA Revolution

Before DNA testing, the solving of crimes allowed much room for error — error that could mean conviction of the innocent and freedom for the guilty. Read about how DNA revolutionized criminal justice forever.

Today in Crime History: Kimveer Gill Opens Fire at Dawson College

Kimveer Gill, 25, opened fire at Dawson College in Montreal on Sept. 13, 2006, killing one person and wounding 19 others before being slain by police. The following are Gill’s photos and his own captions from his profile on

Green River Killer: River of Death

Tracy Winston, 19, disappeared from Northgate Mall on September 12, 1983. Her skull was found 22 years later by a hiker in a wooded area southeast of Seattle. Winston was one of the 48 women that Green River Killer Gary Ridgway confessed to murdering, though he is suspected in as many as 60 murders.

Slideshow: Casino Mogul Murder Case

The case of the murder of Ted Binion had it all: Sex, money, drugs and an illicit affair. Not surprisingly, the trial had it all too, including an error that led an appeals court to reverse the convictions of the casino mogul’s ex-girlfriend and her secret lover. A look at the case in photos.

Seven Defendants who Really Should’ve Taken the Deal

No defendant ever has to take an offered plea agreement. In fact many prefer to take their chances with a jury trial. Today we present some of the worst cases we ever heard of defendants rolling the dice with a jury trial — and losing spectacularly.

Romanian Teen’s Necrophile Killer May be Serial Killer

Newly discovered videos lead investigators to believe that what they thought was probably a sex romp gone horribly wrong, may have actually been premeditated murder by an opportunistic necrophile, a that they now suspect may be a serial killer.

Performance Artist Arrested in France for Doing Dance with Chicken Tied to his Penis at the Eiffel Tower

South African performance artist Steven Cohen seems to be living in Paris, France, these days and is feeling pulled between the two countries, according to his lawyer, so he decided to put on a performance at the Eiffel Tower to evoke his crisis. The performance instead seems to have evoked calling the police and getting Cohen hauled out of there.

VIDEO: Interrogation of Michael Rafferty

In May, 2009, police in Ontario charged Michael Rafferty, 28, with the abduction and murder of third-grader Tori Stafford. It would be July until investigators located the 8-year-old’s body, naked from the waist down, about 500 meters away from a rural road near Mount Forest, Ontario. An autopsy determined that she had been beaten to death with a claw hammer.