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Now nobody can stop the crazy stories about Rob Ford from coming out

Former staffers and bar workers are dropping the dime on the mayor with stories of a drugs-fueled party binge that ended up in city hall at 2:30 AM.

Today in Crime History: Peter and Joan Porco attacked with axe

On the early morning of November 15, 2004, Peter and Joan Porco were attacked in their home with a fire axe. Peter was killed and Joan was left severely disfigured. Their son, Christopher Porco, was convicted of the crimes. At his trial, the prosecution argued that Porco killed his father over money problems, while the defense argued a lack of evidence. Joan, who lost an eye in the attack, maintained her son’s innocence throughout his trial.

Genetic violence: Robert and Stephen Spahalski

In November 2006 a jury convicted Robert Bruce Spahalski of murder, just as his identical twin brother had been convicted of murder 34 years earlier. The bizarre story of an upstate New York serial killer and his homicidal identical twin.

Slideshow: Jail house rock

Before it became hip for rock musicians to get arrested, these first bad boys — and girl — set the tone for a generation.

10-year-old scores felony charge through ‘Minecraft’

From our friends at The Daily Dot: The online building-block game Minecraft is a great tool that can lead to the strengthening of a player’s creative and strategic abilities. For one unfortunate child, though, the game led to something else: a felony charge.

How does age progression technology stand up to real life?

In each of these three remarkable cases, a missing child was found alive years after disappearing. Compare the age progression images created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children with photographs of these missing kids as adults today.

Thief returns stolen wallet six years later with apology

A German retiree is grateful and pleasantly surprised by the pickpocket who stole his wallet in a supermarket in Walsrode, Germany, in March 2007, and recently returned it, intact, with extra money and an apology.

Florida man calls 911 because neighbors won’t drink with him

Last month lonely Massachusetts man Scott Topham, 29, of Waltham, Mass., reportedly broke into a neighbor’s home and forced him to drink vodka with him at knife point. This week a lonely birthday boy in Florida called 911 on his neighbors because they would not drink with him.

Lawsuit: Gynecologist sprayed drain cleaner in patient’s vagina

Akron, Ohio, gynecologist Dr. John Black is being sued after a patient claims that a routine yearly check up became a painful, disfiguring experience that wound up in the local emergency room. The woman was reportedly undergoing a routine pelvic exam when the doctor reportedly reached for a spray bottle marked vinegar, and sprayed the substance onto her sex organs into her vaginal canal.

Man dies after accidentally drinking pure liquid meth he thought was juice

Don’t take candy from strangers, never eat a prepackaged food that has already been opened, and never ever drink strange liquids received in the mail that are addressed to other people.

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