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Police: Woman on phone ran over herd of cattle

Daisy Cowit with cow.

Daisy Cowit with cow.

With a name like Daisy Cowit, it’s probably inevitable that she would eventually have a cow encounter, but not necessarily a 50-cow encounter with the cows hitting the front end of her car all at once.

Cowit, 21, of Wawayanda, New York, was reportedly driving on Mountain Road in Orange County, California, while texting or looking intently at her cell phone on October 28, 2013, when she plowed through 50 head of cattle with her Jeep Liberty, hitting six and wounding three critically. She also nearly hit a farm worker who was frantically waving at her to stop before hitting the cattle, which were crossing the road in the town of Mount Hope at the time of the accident.

One 1500-lb. bovine was reportedly sent sailing five feet into the air. Cowit’s car was totaled. When the smoke cleared, three cows required emergency surgery, and no, this writer has no idea how you get three severely wounded cows anywhere in a hurry, but all three cows survived.

Cowit denied texting, saying she was merely checking an incoming call, but according to dairy farmer Mike Hosking, ”If you don’t see 50 cows in the road, you’re doing something (you shouldn’t be doing).”

Cowit was arrested for reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and reckless driving, and cited for driving while using a cell phone and failure to exercise due care. Cowit will likely not be officially charged by prosecutors until police finish investigating.

According to Hosking, a  friend who came to pick up Cowit didn’t understand why such a fuss was being made about a few cows, each worth about $3,000 and almost part of the Hosking family. To this Hosking stated, ”I think more of those cows than I do of some people,” noting that the accident could have been worse,  ”She could have hit kids who were waiting for a school bus.”

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