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Where People are Leaving their Dead Infants 2013


Jessica Price

While working at a Kohl’s in Louisville, Kentucky, Jessica Price, 29-years-old, allegedly gave birth in the bathroom and left her newborn baby in a garbage can. When a coworker found the infant later in the day, the child was dead.

“We believe the baby was born alive and would be alive today if she had provided basic care for the baby,” Louisville police Lt. Todd Kessinger told WLKY-TV, an affiliate of CNN.

The baby was found on August 8, 2013.

Kessinger also noted that Price left Kohl’s for two hours after using the bathroom. When she returned, however, police were already on the scene of the heinous crime.

Kentucky allows unwanted babies to be dropped off at hospital emergency rooms, in addition to police stations and fire stations, in an effort to save the lives of newborn children in unwanted homes.

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