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Robbers hold up gas station, then sell gas for hours

Police are searching for three men, who reportedly robbed a gas station in southwest Philadelphia Monday. The unnamed clerk, 18, was injured by gunfire during the robbery, though not seriously. Instead of leaving the crime scene as quickly as possible, as robbers typically do once they’re done robbing you at gunpoint, the robbers locked the clerk in the bathroom and proceeded to serve the Hess station’s customers for the next two hours.

Police believe these are the same men that robbed another other Hess station five days earlier. In both cases, one of the men was reportedly wearing a Hess shirt, and posed as a delivery man.

The victim’s father, also unnamed, relayed his son’s account of what happened, “He said the first guy came in, he seen the shirt and he thought it was one of the deliveries. The second guy came in with a gun to his head. Next thing you know, he tried to hit him and the gun went off.” The teen was reportedly grazed in the head. The father continued, “He said he was told to stay quiet in the bathroom for two hours, while they were in there waiting on customers.”

Though police admitted that they had never heard of anyone ever doing that as part of a robbery, Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department theorized that, “they probably didn’t feel like they got enough money, so they’re going to sit there, take control of the business, offer gas at a discounted price and try to get additional money which is just bizarre.” It’s also possible the robbers were giving the gas away because they simply don’t like Hess.

Even though there were no surveillance cameras at either station, Walker said, “We know we had customers inside that business between the hours of 1 a.m. up until about 4:30 a.m. when this incident was reported. So we’d like to speak with some of those customers. They can call our tip line at 215-686-TIPS.”

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