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Bounty Hunter Running for Sacramento Mayoral Office Touts Serial Killer’s Endorsement

Leonard Padilla and Wesley Shermantine (inset)

Leonard Padilla and Wesley Shermantine (inset)

Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who paid convicted Speed Freak Killer Wesley Shermantine thousands of dollars for information leading to remains of more Speed Freak victims, has announced that Shermantine, who as a convicted felon cannot vote, is endorsing him for mayor. Padilla recently told Fox 40 News in an interview, “When you have a guy on death row endorsing you, you have to be somewhat proud of that.”

Shermantine and the late Loren Herzog became known as the Speed Freak Killers for the string of murders they committed in the 1980s and 1990s. Shermantine alone may be responsible for as many as 15 murders. Herzog was released on a technicality in 2011, and committed suicide the following January after Shermantine announced his willingness to help authorities find more victim remains. Padilla feels that Shermantine’s endorsement, which most candidates would shun, or at the very least keep under wraps, really can’t hurt his campaign, “I don’t think it will have any backlash because there is nothing about the man that is a secret. He’s up there because he killed people. He’s giving up bodies, he’s doing everything he can to absolve himself of further blame.” Read the whole story of California’s Speed Freak Killers.

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