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Inmate who hid stash in butt, then mouth, later beat man for farting

Terrence Lewis, a man with no stash and a gassy cellmate.

Terrence Lewis, a man with no stash and a gassy cellmate.

Accused gunman¬†Terrence Lewis, 32, may have turned himself in on various outstanding warrants, but he wasn’t going to make jailing him easy. He tried to smuggle some contraband into the jail in his butt, which isn’t unusual, so guards check each prisoner carefully. When caught, however, most people: A) deny, B) confess, or sometimes do both. Lewis, it seems, chose option C).

According to the July 25, 2014, affidavit of probable cause signed by officer Timothy E. Money, who performed the search, he had Lewis strip and them told him to bend at the waist. According to Money, “I noted a foreign object protruding from his anus area. I asked Lewis if he had anything in his rectum. Lewis quickly grabbed the object from his anus area and stuck it in his mouth. I commanded Lewis to spit it out.” Lewis complied, handing over a baggie containing loose tobacco, and another containing a gram of pot.

Lewis will likely have charges of smuggling contraband into the lockup added to those he is already facing.

Perhaps suffering from nicotine withdrawal, Lewis was arrested the next day for beating another inmate, James Brown, 60, for passing gas in a disrespectful manner. According to the affidavit, guards notice brown bleeding from his nose and left eye. He said he had been punched twice by an upset Lewis for farting. He said that at the time he had his hands in his shirt, and couldn’t block the blows or hit back. Brown was sent to the ER for treatment.

Police will likely now add assault charges to the list of those Lewis is already facing. He is currently being held in lieu of a $52,100 bond for allegedly shooting two men in the leg earlier this month.

Hidey Holes, or where do inmates stash their stuff?

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