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Jaime Henson, arrested after 100-foot chase and a cloud of dust

According to the arresting officer “”No force was used to detain Henson and no injuries were sustained by myself or Henson.” Though there are no visible injuries, the condition of the suspect’s face in his mugshot would seem to tell a different story. Perhaps the chase would be better described as a 100-foot chase, ending in a cloud of dust, crust and road grime

Jaime Henson, 36, was arrested in the street outside a Burger King in Orange County Florida after inexplicably running out of the restaurant with such force that the door literally came off its hinges. Actually Henson was drunk at the time, which could serve as a more-than-adequate explanation for what happened.

It was in the wee hours of Saturday morning, that Henson entered the restaurant and ordered his meal. Before it was ready he bolted out into the darkness with such speed and violence that he knocked the door clean off its hinges, causing $500 in damages.

According to police responder Matthew Davis, Henson was in the middle of the busy street talking on his cell phone when he saw the officer and said, “‘the police are here’ and he had to get off the phone.”

The suspect seems to have then bolted a second time, but was apprehended by Davis with a mug full of dirt and a swollen eye, after a brief chase in which no injuries were sustained.

Henson was charged with criminal mischief and resisting an officer without violence.

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