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Garbage man dumps trash in driveway over unpaid bill

An angry garbage collector in Red Wing, Minnesota, decided to essentially return a customer’s garbage over an unpaid bill. Though the employee of Paul’s Industrial Garage (P.I.G.) no doubt made his point when he dumped “almost two tons of wet, putrescible waste,” the delinquent customer’s neighbors were not at all amused — neither was the town council.

Police got several 911 calls on July 20 from angry neighbors, who watched in disgust and fury as a truck from P.I.G. picked up a roll-off container full of garbage and, instead of hauling it away, overturned it in a driveway. It seems that the P.I.G. customer had refused to pay for the rental of the roll-off container. In a letter, P.I.G. explained their reason for the gross stunt. Their victory would be short lived.

The town fined P.I.G. $1,800 and billed them $734.85 for cleaning up the mess, and is now seeking to personally cite the driver for unlawful dumping and public nuisance.

It is not known if the delinquent customer has settled his bill or not.


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