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Video: Would-be carjacker gets good-Samaritan beat down

It’s always good to see people in a community coming together and standing up for each other. In this case, citizens didn’t hold back punches or colorful metaphors when subduing the suspect. In fact, the stunned carjacker seems relieved when he is released into police custody.

The dramatic video shows a man attempting to carjack a vehicle with a mother and her children still inside. She screams for help and bystanders come rushing to her aid, taking the keys, pulling the man out of the driver’s seat, getting him prone on the pavement and keeping him there until police arrive.

The woman and her children were reportedly shaken up by the incident, but EMTs checked them out and concluded that there were no physical injuries.

The suspect was later identified as Ismael Hernandez, 21. He was booked into the San Diego County lock up on July 13, 2014. Hernandez is charged with kidnapping, carjacking and vehicle theft, all felonies. He also faces a host of misdemeanor charges, including reckless highway driving, driving without a license, DUI, being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession illegal paraphernalia, willful cruelty to child and evading a peace officer.

Bail was set at $110,000.

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